Monday, October 1, 2012

Garifuna Bible School Classes (Sept.)

This past week (Sept. 24-27) Garifuna pastors attended classes with the BILD theological training program. I (Alison) had the privilege of joining them as they began a module covering basic discipleship principles. Here is a video of Pastor David talking about his ministry, the classes, and how you can pray for him:



Honduran Pastor Felix leading the discussion
Students working on a writing assignment
Fernando giving a presentation
Garifuna pastors
Top (left to right): David, Elvis, Nahum, Castrillo, Felix, Fernando
Bottom: Eduardo, Carlos, Gabino, Emilio
The two men in the lower right-hand corner are implementing BILD in El Salvador and came to help teach this past week.
  • For this opportunity available to the pastors and for those who taught this week.
  • For not only the information learned but for how the Lord challenged and changed our hearts.
  • For the fellowship the pastors enjoyed together this week.
Prayer requests:
  • For the Holy Spirit to help each pastor apply what they have learned to their ministries.
  • For each pastor to in turn train other leaders in their churches so that strong discipleship programs to be well established in every Garifuna community in Honduras.
  • For discipline as the pastors complete their assignments and prepare for the next session in December.
  • For Fernando and those helping him translate this discipleship module into Garifuna, that they would be effective and that the materials would be a tool for God to raise up strong church leaders.

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