Thursday, March 5, 2015

New Additions

We're thanking the Lord for three ways He has expanded our lives and work here:

Acts Course

In addition to the basic-level training program for pastors and leaders, Fernando will soon begin a second training group with about ten key leaders. They will work through an intensive course of the book of Acts, the first in a series of 25 advanced courses (BILD International).

The goal is for participants to learn about the fundamental ways the gospel spread during the early history of the church. As Luke wrote to Theophilus to describe how the apostles followed Jesus' instructions in the expansion of the gospel (Acts 1:2), we pray that participants will learn how to implement these same principles so that their churches and small groups can multiply and spread the gospel.

This course includes extensive reading and homework projects. Let's pray that participants can be disciplined in their studies and that their studies be filled with joy and sensitivity to the Spirit, not simply an arduous task to complete. Thank you for praying for them.

Training Story-Tellers

A second way God has grown the work here is three new story fellowship groups, in addition to the one started last year. Alex and Wilber meet with the new leaders each Tuesday evening in our neighborhood to teach them a new story. About 15 others join them, and the format is just like a story fellowship group: telling the story, helping everyone learn the story it in creative ways, and discussing how it relates to their lives.

Then on Wednesday nights all of the leaders meet with their three respective groups to replicate what they learned. There are story fellowship groups in four different neighborhoods! Now that the first group is well-established, Fernando will attend one of the new groups that is smaller and could use some extra support.

There are three goals for the fellowship groups:
  1. For seekers to become believers and for young Christians to grow in their faith as they learn God's Word together.
  2. For leaders to be well-prepared to direct these groups each week.
  3. For leaders to have the vision of training others over time who can start new groups themselves.
As you can imagine, everyone involved has different responsibilities and busy schedules. Pray for the Lord to continually renew their strength and enthusiasm, and pray for salvation, growth, and changed lives. We praise God for the great potential each leader has shown and for their willingness to learn and serve together.

Another Baby!

We are overjoyed that the Lord has blessed us with another pregnancy. Our second baby is due around the end of August. Praise God for a healthy pregnancy so far, and thank you for praying for this new life the Lord has created.

Thank you for being part of our lives and work through your prayers and generosity.