Friday, May 30, 2014

OneStory Workshop: Worldview

Thank you to all who have been praying for the OneStory workshop the past two weeks.

Fernando has been helping the Wycliffe missionary coordinating the training. Participants include four young Garífuna men, two Colombians, and three Mexicans, along with two Miskito men who have also helped facilitate.

One afternoon this week I taught a module about cultural values and worldview influence the story selection of a OneStory project. The term "worldview" refers to the beliefs and assumptions a group holds about origin of life, God and/or supernatural beings, good and evil, causes and consequences of circumstances, etc. I was fun to be back in "teacher" mode and discuss different kinds of worldviews, their strengths and weaknesses, and how God's Word addresses those.

Today they will finish these classes and spend the next few weeks practicing crafting stories, leading story fellowship groups, and learning about language and culture acquisition. Afterward, they will travel to a Garífuna community.

You can pray the Lord will use this experience to prepare them for serving in missions.

P.S. Today Baby J turns four months old!

Friday, May 16, 2014

First Mother's Day + OneStory Workshop

I had a very special first Mother's Day! Baby J had a little gift for me in the morning. :)

Fernando gave me this cute top, and we had a relaxing morning together before going to church.

On Mother's Day of last year, I prayed for a baby sometime in the coming year. I had some health problems, but the Lord answered our prayers and gave us a beautiful baby boy!

For the next two weeks Fernando will help facilitate a OneStory workshop near La Ceiba, as I did a year ago (I'll go once or twice to help teach and bring along Baby J as my assistant!). Participants are from various Latin American countries, including Honduras, who are interested in using OneStory in global missions. They will learn how to craft stories and lead story fellowship groups. You can pray for Fernando and those facilitating and coordinating the training, as well as participants, that the Lord will prepare workers for the harvest and be glorified as they learn together. Thank you!

Friday, May 9, 2014

Dramatizing, Batteries, and Cake

This past Sunday our church family in La Ceiba celebrated its 14th birthday. During the special service, the fellowship group Fernando leads performed a drama of two stories they recently learned together ("Creation" and "The Fall"). I intended to take pictures and video, but just as they began, I realized my camera battery was dead, probably because of a spontaneous photo session just before leaving the house:

At least I was able to take a picture of some kids doing a choreography earlier in the service, just to give you an idea of what church looks like (in the middle of a building project):

Anyway, it was great to observe how the group has enjoyed learning the stories and interacting together, including several people who are new to the Bible and church.

The group usually meets at another house each Wednesday evening, and I usually stay home with Baby J. But this past week, everyone came to our house, so I was able to join in the story-telling time. We are thankful for a home where we can have groups of people crowd into our living room for meetings like this. I was too busy serving them cake I made to take a picture, and I didn't want to distract anyone during while the story was being told! Maybe another time.

The latest story was about God's covenant with Abraham. Fernando told it several times, and then we broke into small groups to retell it together. I was able to tell most of the story in Garífuna, not perfectly, but still worth celebrating! After we retold it, Fernando led a short discussion in which people were free to talk about their observations.

In addition to learning God's Word together, another benefit of story-telling is finding out how to improve a current narration. Fernando and I noticed some spots that were difficult for people to remember, and this helps Fernando know how to make revisions.

Please continue to pray for good progress with the Garífuna story set and for the Lord to work in people's lives as they hear His Word. Thank you for your partnership in this work!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Heat Wave!

The past few mornings, when I first look out the window and see gray I think, “Is it cloudy today?! Does this mean rain?!” Then I look outside and see the sun hiding behind a thick layer of smoggy humidity, and I know it's going to be a very hot day.

We are in the middle of some of the hottest months of the year – when the temperature hovers in the 90s, but the high humidity makes a “real feel” of 110 degrees or more. The past two days the electricity was off for several hours (no fans!!!), and this prompted me to remind myself what I do like about this time of year:
  • This is a good time of year to have already had a baby (I can't imagine being pregnant right now...). Diapers dry quickly!
  • I get tan without trying, just by doing laundry!
  • My skin looks good thanks to constant sweating.
  • We are in the middle of mango and avocado season.
  • I no longer dislike rain, as I did in Washington. I love rain here!
  • I feel so much better when it's hot than when it's cold, even though I grew up in a cold climate. If I had to choose one extreme, I would definitely take this one.
  • We know that it can't get much hotter, so it's all downhill from here!