Sunday, November 4, 2012

Working on OneStory in "Wageira"

Fernando and I spent one week in "Wageira," the community where he grew up and where his family lives. ("Wageira" means "our community," our blog nickname for it.) Our main reason for going was to work on the OneStory project in Garifuna. (Click here to read more about the project.) We are working on a set with stories from the Bible about covenants with the goal of demonstrating how Jesus provided the way for God's covenant with His people. Story sets are then used for evangelism and discipleship.

In order to test out the stories, we have people listen and retell them. However, in La Ceiba, it can be difficult to locate people, who tend to be busy working and studying. In contrast, in rural communities, plenty of native speakers are within walking distance and available to help.

These are the stories we worked on:
  • Birth of Isaac (showing how God fulfilled His promise to Abraham)
  • Ratification of the God's covenant with Israel in Exodus 24
  • Gold Calf (showing how Israel broke the covenant right after it was made)
  • Fall of Jerusalem (showing the consequence of breaking the covenant)
  • Promise of the new covenant prophesied by Jeremiah 32 (which points to Jesus)
One teenager, CB, has helped us retell stories, and he and Fernando met each day to work together. CB is very interested in Bible and reads from a Bible story book each night. We are thankful for his willingness to help and are praying that God will speak into his life using the stories he retells with Fernando. Here is a picture of them:

We invite you to pray for CB and the others who are helping us, and for God to use us to provide His Word in this format so that many more come to know Him!

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