Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Best of 2014: Stories, Questions, Fellowship

Part 3 of the "Best of 2014" blog series is about a fellowship group that met to learn oral Bible stories and how this affected their spiritual lives. (If you missed it, here are Part 1 and Part 2.)

The Power of God's Word through Stories

Last year Fernando directed one of our church's weekly fellowship groups. A main activity was learning and discussing the oral Bible stories in Garífuna that Alex and Wilber were crafting for the OneStory project. In this method everyone present participates and learns together. It was an excellent opportunity for Wilber to tell the stories he had been working on and develop his leadership skills by facilitating discussions.

Wilber is passionate about telling Bible stories: this is how became a Christian! Several years ago, Fernando needed to find young Garifuna speakers to test stories he was crafting, and he discovered Wilber had a knack for learning them and relating them to life. Wilber said he wasn't interested in becoming a Christian, but he was always asking Fernando when the next story would be ready! The Lord worked in Wilber's heart, he eventually gave his life to the Lord. Now he is committed to sharing stories with others, and he thoroughly enjoying it.

Fellowship and a Safe Place for Questions

The group developed close fellowship and unity as they gathered together. They shared their struggles, answers to prayer, and questions about faith.

Just the other day, a young woman, Jane* told me she used to sit in church with so many questions in her head. During the past year, she and others could find clarity as Fernando helped them find answers in the Word. She was encouraged with how much she learned and grew last year. Jane said that, for the first time, she and her fiancé have been praying and reading the Bible together.

We praise God for those who could understand and receive salvation and then mature in their faith. They had a lot of fun together, too, and usually didn't want to go home!

What Now?
This year we would love to see Wilber take on more leadership and help others start fellowship groups in new places. In addition, Fernando would like the group to focus more evangelism so that others come to faith in Jesus Christ.
Coming up in Part 4: Growing Pains
*not her real name

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