Saturday, March 16, 2013

Studying the Life of Christ

I just got home from discipleship group, and I am happy to see how the girls are growing in their understanding of God's Word and their faith in Christ. I started discipling three girls in 2011, and it the group continued to grow in the past few years. Some girls have become believers, and others have learned to study the Bible, while becoming friends with each other. It's beautiful to watch God at work in their lives!

Two girls sharing what they discussed in their small group

Last year, Kety, a friend from church, started helping me, and she is becoming the main leader. This is great advantage since she lives in the same neighborhood as most the girls and has wonderful ideas that have helped improve our times together.

Kety leading an activity

Last year we used a book that covered key topics in Christianity, such as prayer, fellowship, witness, etc. This year we are digging deeper in a study of the life of Christ, which includes daily reading and weekly discussion. Last year, my home church sent the girls Bibles in a version that is very easy to read, and this has been very helpful (some of them only had antiquated versions that are difficult to understand).

This girl has grown a lot in her faith and in participating each Saturday

Highlights from today included:
  • Having group discussions about how to learn from Joseph and Mary's example of faith and obedience.
  • Answering questions several girls had written down during their reading this past week.
  • Hearing what they most liked about the passages they read.
  • Finding out that, for some, this was the first time they had read the story of Jesus' birth!
  • Seeing how they have grown in confidence when they read and summarize Bible verses (instead of waiting for someone else to do it for them).
  • Having two girls come to Bible study for the first time.
What a privilege to encourage these beautiful girls in their spiritual lives!

Please pray:
  • That they will experience Jesus in a deep and personal way through this study.
  • That they will develop the discipline of spending time with God each day.
  • That new girls will find a place to learn and belong in our group.
  • That God will bless Kety in her role as leader and encourage her as she reaches out to the girls in her neighborhood.
I hear that a soccer game is being organized and the "old people" (Kety and I) are supposed to play goalies... but I'm not so sure I'll post pictures of that! :)

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