Saturday, April 20, 2013

Two Reasons to Celebrate

This week we had two reasons to celebrate. One was the completion of the first series of BILD materials:

The manual includes four books, each with sessions about important fundamentals of the Christian life. Three believers translated part of the manual, and Fernando translated another part, revised everyone's work, and meticulously proofread. In spite of the tedious work, he often commented about how the material itself was impacting his life!

The hard work will pay off when 30 of these manuals are published this week and then distributed for new training groups in Garifuna communities.

We are happy that several people have started translating the second manual, and we hope that all of this will be a tool in God's hands to disciple His people and prepare them to make disciples, as well.

The second celebration was Fernando's graduation ceremony for his Master's in Business Administration degree. He finished his coursework and thesis two years ago, but his bachelor's degree in Bible had not yet been approved by the government in Tegucigalpa. (These things take awhile...!) On Friday, he attended the graduation ceremony required to receive his diploma.

I remember how hard he worked during his graduate studies and still dedicated time to starting the Garifuna Bible school, so I am proud of him! I am also thankful for the ways God has allowed him to study what has helped him a great deal in ministry (management, finance, strategic planning, etc.). May the Lord continue teach and use Fernando so that others can learn about the Lord and receive preparation to serve Him.

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