Monday, May 6, 2013

Two New Training Groups

Hi friends!

Thank you to all who have prayed for Fernando as he has helped coordinate new training groups through the Garifuna Bible school, using the BILD International training method. We invite you to praise God with us for what He has done and continue to lift up these new leaders and participants in your prayers:

La Ceiba
Eduardo, who pastors the church where we have served here in La Ceiba, has also begun discipleship classes using this method, and about 20 people are currently participating. We have heard positive feedback from those who have said they are learning new things about the Bible and by engaging in discussions about how it relates to their lives.

Elvis, a young assistant pastor from Río Esteban, has shown great commitment in his studies and has also been an invaluable aid to Fernando. The last weekend of April, Fernando and Elvis launched a training group in Corozal, a community near La Ceiba. Ten pastors and leaders attended the first session of the BILD program, but about 18 total are expected to participate. Elvis will continue leading the group when Fernando and I leave next month.

Last month David, José, and Félix launched a group of 12 participants in the community of Limon. You can watch video clips featuring David and José.

Punta Piedra/Cusuna/Ciriboya/Iriona Viejo 
This past weekend, Fernando took a trip to the more rural communities east of here, near Sangrelaya, where he is from (posts about Sangrelaya: here and here). On Saturday, he and Gabino, Nahum, Lidia, and Emilio launched a training group for these four communities. We praise God that 30 people came and more are interested! You can see pictures of Lidia and Emilio and a video of Gabino.

Fernando said it was encouraging to see how the materials in Garifuna were quite helpful; people enthusiastically participated in readings and discussions. Most people in that region are fluent in Spanish for education and work purposes, but it is much more natural and meaningful to communicate in Garifuna, particularly with respect to spiritual and personal matters. These four communities are home to several churches, but most pastors and leaders have not received theological training, so we look forward to how the Lord will use these studies to help them grow as leaders and train others.

Please pray for each of the leaders who will be leading participants in the content they have already studied. Pray for them to have unity, lead in the truth of God's Word, and have perseverance as they lead this new group.
  • La Ceiba: Eduardo (20 participants)
  • Corozal: Elvis (18 participants)
  • Limon: David, Jose, and Felix (12 participants)
  • Punta Piedra/Cusuna/Ciriboya/Iriona Viejo: Gabino, Nahum, Lidia, and Emilio (30 participants)

Next week we will have the next session of Bible school classes with the group of leaders who have been studying during the past year together. Since our last session in March, we have studied individually and in small groups the material to be covered next week. Please pray for safe travels from their communities, for those who will be facilitating, and for the Lord to work in our hearts and prepare us to disciple others.

Thank you for joining with us through your prayers and support!

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