Sunday, May 26, 2013

OneStory Workshop

I had the privilege of helping facilitate a ten-day OneStory training workshop held in Corozal, a Garifuna community near La Ceiba.

Participants came from different Latin American countries, including Mexico, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Venezuela. One Venezuelan is Curripaco, an indigenous group from the Amazon region, and another Yukpa, from the Colombian/Venezuelan savannah region. Roger and Marilyn, Wycliffe missionaries, led the workshop, and two Miskito pastors also helped facilitate. The Miskito people live in eastern Honduras/western Nicaragua, and these two men have finished a OneStory set in their language, which God has used to bring people to Christ. Fernando came for a day, and a Garifuna lady cooked meals, so we had a fun, varied group!

Participants learned how to put together a story set, craft stories, and lead story fellowship groups for evangelism and discipleship. Several are preparing to promote and support OneStory through mobilization and missions training, while others are considering moving to Africa or Asia to start a OneStory project among lesser-reached people groups. The Curripaco and Yukpa participants plan to be involved in OneStory projects in their own languages for their people.

Telling a story to model leading a story fellowship group

 Leading a discussion about the relationship between  a culture
(worldview, values) and preparing effective story sets

 Discussing biblical examples of storying, such as Jesus' parables and the apostles' sermons in Acts
Together on the last day of the workshop
Those who plan to move overseas will now begin two phases of applying what they've learned. First, they will stay in La Ceiba to craft and test stories in Spanish. Then, they will spend several weeks in Sangrelaya to practice language learning and living in a different culture. Please pray that God will use this time to prepare them for serving Him cross-culturally.
During the workshop, I was reminded of how thankful I am for training opportunities and role models God has provided me in different areas of cross-cultural mission work, and I praise God for how He continues to fill me with His love for His people in Latin America. It is a dream come true to be able to serve in a small way here! Along with the participants and other facilitators, we were reminded of the gift of God's Word, as we were immersed in stories throughout our time together. Even if we have heard or read them before, His Word is alive and never returns void! What an encouragement.
Thank you for reading and being a part of our lives and work here!

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