Friday, July 12, 2013

Praises and Happenings from Our First Weeks in Washington

Hi everyone! Here is an overview of what our first few weeks in Washington have looked like:

Piles of Paperwork
  • We've been compiling information for Fernando's citizenship application are looking forward to the day when immigration paperwork is a thing of the past!
It feels endless...!

  • Fernando has been studying for his driver's license test and will soon start studying for his citizenship civics test.
  • We mailed out our summer newsletter along with an updated brochure about our work in Honduras and a prayer card with a new picture. Amidst all the stamps and envelopes (!), it was fun to write personal notes to people. (Please let us know if you are not yet on our mailing list and would like to be added! We'd love to send you a prayer card.)

Involvement at Church
  • We have attended both English and Spanish services at my home church, Grace Community in Auburn, and it's been fun to see lots of people and introduce them to Fernando. Everyone has given us a very warm welcome and made us feel at home!
  • We shared about our ministry with the Hispanic church family, and Fernando gets to play soccer with the men on Sunday afternoons.

  • Last summer, I met with the small group that "adopted" us as missionaries and prays for us, and now we get to join them each week. They're currently doing a study on parenting, so, as parents-to-be, we are soaking up all we can.
  • I've been attending a weekly women's Bible study and really like getting to know them women as we study God's Word together.

Filling the Calendar
  • We have been preparing travel itineraries for our trip to Oregon this month and a trip to the Midwest this fall.
  • We've seen some family, friends, and supporters, and we're looking forward to seeing many more in the coming months! The best part is hearing about their lives, introducing them to Fernando, and sharing about how God is working in Honduras.
Sharing our happy baby news with my aunt

  • We have been blessed by the kindness and hospitality continually extended to us. THANK YOU! Please do let us know if you'd like to meet for coffee or a meal, or if you'd like us to share at your church or with a group of friends. We'd love to see you.
New Experiences for Fernando

It's been fun to introduce Fernando to places, food, and activities that are part of life here:
  • My dad took Fernando fishing at a lake in the mountains.

  • Fernando and I went up to Lake Tipsoo.

  • Some good friends invited us to a BBQ on 4th of July. 


Thank you to...
  • Our friends Morgan and Genevieve for giving us a printer they no longer needed.
  • My friend Rachael for giving me some maternity clothes.
  • My wonderful parents for home-cooked meals and helping us get settled.
  • Our Honduran friends and family who call and email us (we miss them so much!).
  • Everyone who has invited us to their home, shared a meal with us, prayed for us and our baby, and made us feel so welcome. We love you!

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