Monday, October 27, 2014

Typical Day Part 2: A Somewhat Quiet Time

This little blog series is an attempt to answer the question, "What is a typical day like for you guys?" Part 1: Rise and Shine! was about starting the morning; Part 2 is about one my favorite times each day: "A Somewhat Quiet Time."

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While Baby J takes his morning nap, I spend time alone with the Lord to study the Bible, pray, and memorize Scripture. It's the best moment to take a break from activity and to focus my heart on the Lord, enjoying His Word and presence. Of course, this habit is important wherever I live, but here I have a greater awareness of how thankful I am to have God's Word in my own language.

My "somewhat quiet time" spot

Afterward, I work on administrative tasks (answering emails, finances, meal planning, etc.) until Baby J wakes up.

For the most part, mornings are a calm time because many people are at school or work. However, some days are quieter than others, depending on construction noise, neighbors' music, or people stopping by: the man who distributes the electric bills; the garbage pick-up crew; and vendors selling jugs of purified water, produce, or household items. But these interruptions are usually minimal, and they can happen at other times throughout the day, too.

A few children occasionally come by asking to do jobs for pay or for food. It can be tricky figuring out how to best respond to this. I like to give them fruit, tortillas, bread, or a small bag of rice to take home, if I have these √≠tems on hand. I avoid giving money, and I don't give food every time they come. Praying for them as they come to mind throughout the day, and being kind to them (even if I don't have food to give that particular day) is the very least I can do.

Earlier this year there were power outages several times a week, and Baby J had a hard time sleeping without a fan to keep him cool and block out some of the noise. Lately we hardly ever have power outages, and that makes the whole day easier!

The key to a good nap? A fan!

 As noon starts to approach, I feel refreshed and ready to prepare for "Part 3: Dinner Time?"


  1. So fun knowing more about your day.


    1. Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it. It was fun to write.