Saturday, January 17, 2015

Best of 2014: Wageira

This final post in our series about ministry highlights from last year is about our plans to start working in a group of rural Garífuna communities and live in Wageira*.

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Where Is Wageira?

In the past few years, we have felt increasingly burdened for a group of rural communities east of here. In some locations there are very few believers, and many pastors have received little or no ministry training. We began to make plans to build a house in Wageira, a strategic hub in the area. Although we thought we would move there last year, it became clear that Fernando needed to solidify projects and invest in those he was mentoring here in the La Ceiba area before spending more time away. We also wanted to finish saving to purchase a pick-up truck so Fernando could more easily travel back and forth during the house construction and be able to haul materials on the rough dirt roads.

Answer to Prayer

During last year people gave special gifts, which we saved. In addition, a Christian brother helped Fernando find a good vehicle, and we completed the purchase last month. Fernando traveled to Wageira over New Year's, and the truck is running well. Thank you to each person who contributed toward this! We appreciate it so much.

What Next?

Fernando is figuring out details such as how to connect a water line to where the house will be built and make arrangements with a builder. He plans to make another trip this month and return frequently. We hope to begin spending more and more time in Wageira in the coming year, and we will share with you as that unfolds. We pray that the Lord will lead us to what He is preparing there and look forward to how He will work. Thank you for joining us in this new venture through your prayers!

Thank you for reading along with us in this series and for being a part of our lives and work here.


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